Airedale Puppy Arrives in San Diego

Airedale Puppy Arrives

large Airedale Terrier puppy
Teddy – large Airedale Terrier puppy

As some of you may already know our large Airedale Oakley, passed on just before his 11th birthday this past August. Annie and Oakley were the first time we ever had two Airedales. After Oakley went over the rainbow bridge I occasionally thought about getting another Airedale puppy.

A couple of months ago I had put a deposit down on an a male Airedale puppy that was just a few weeks old at the time. But, unfortunately the breeder became ill and their partner wanted to keep that male puppy. Both Judy and I were sad that this little puppy which we thought was coming to our home was now staying with the breeder.

About three weeks ago, I received information that there were three larger size Airedale puppies back in the Midwest that were available. After reviewing the breeders information and checking the AKC lineage, and naturally quite a few photos of the puppy, we decided to make the commitment and provide Annie with an adopted brother. Continue reading “Airedale Puppy Arrives in San Diego”