Airedale Terrier and Rottweiler

Airedale Terrier and Rottweiler at Play

Posey the Airedale Terrier and Kelvin the Rottweiler show how two very different breeds with two very different play styles can mess them together so nicely!

Airedales are just great! I don’t think there is a better dog for kids on the planet than an Airedale. I don’t think there is a better dog period. They are incredible.

Great vid but in my experiences the docility of this breed is very dependant on the breeder. They can range from being extremely gentle to downright nuts depending on their breeding.

The Airedale was developed from the OTTERHOUND and THE OLD ENGLISH BLACK &TAN TERRIER, which is now extinct. NOT THE WELSH TERRIER, the Old English Black & Tan looks very much like the Welsh Terrier. That said, the Airedale is not AGGRESSIVE.

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