Mountain Airedale Terriers

Mountain Airedale Terriers

Living with Mountain Airedale Terriers – – – In this video which I did a few years ago, you can see our big boy Oakley (99 Lbs., he lived too short a life, & left us just before he was 11yrs old) and Annie, when she was a puppy. Yes, having be lucky enough to have owned both the standard size Airedale & the larger Oorang or Mountain Airedale, my personal opinion is, except for size, the larger Airedales have exactly the same intelligent, fun-loving, carefree personality as the standard size Airedales.
For expressing my opinion on the larger/ Mountain Airedales, I’ve been banished from one Facebook group and always seem to rile up the hard-core, breed standard Airedale terrier folks.

Large Airedale Puppy

Large Airedale Puppy Arrives in San Diego

This video shows the arrival of our new large Airedale Terrier puppy, Teddy! Our new large Airedale Terrier puppy arrived on Alaska airlines all the way from the St. Louis airport.

I do want to say, that if you’re planning on getting a puppy or just shipping your dog by air, always check to see that you can get a nonstop flight. When I was checking I found that the airlines use the terminology direct flight which can be mistaken for nonstop. But, all the direct flights that I checked always had a stop and I didn’t want to put my new little Airedale through any unnecessary travel annoyances. Continue reading “Large Airedale Puppy”