Airedale Terrier DNA Testing

Airedale Terrier DNA Testing

Well I’m sure we’re all familiar with the DNA testing to determine one’s heritage and where your forbearers originated from.

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                             Larger Airedale Terriers

But, also the fact is that for certain groups DNA test can also determine whether you have the genes for certain specific diseases. For the general public the tests that are widely available are just for determining lineage.

Now you might be asking yourself where my going with this, and I just wanted to say for dogs especially specific purebred dogs, there’s a big enough database to be pretty accurate in not only determining the lineage but also being very precise in determining whether your pet carries a specific gene for certain breed-specific ailments.

With the AKC registered dogs, there’s not much that can be gained from a DNA test just for lineage. This is because the AKC gives you a certificate when your dog is registered showing you the exact lineage of your pet. But, with that said there are several companies that also test for breed-specific ailments.

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