What would you do to protect your Airedale Terrier?

I try to take my two Airedale terriers out on a hike, park, walk in town and around town, at least six days a week.

California Mountain Airedales - Protect your Airedale Terrier

Keeping in mind the Boy Scout’s saying of being prepared, and having had a few close calls and one actual attack on my prior Airedale Terrier, I try to be prepared to protect my dogs should the unexpected occur.

On yesterday’s hike with Annie and Teddy as we were going up the Cowles Mountain trail, a guy was coming down with his large dog off leash. As he got to about 10 feet from us he grabbed his dogs collar and hung on to it as we passed each other. Then, when he was a little farther down the trail I looked back and saw he released his dog again, as they were continuing down the trail. Continue reading “What would you do to protect your Airedale Terrier?”

California Airedale Terrier Sunrise Hike

17 years I’ve be hiking up this (Cowles Mtn.) mountain with Airedales. We have taken in many great sunsets over the Pacific, but untilĀ  December 12th., we never did a sunrise hike. This is our larger Airedale Terrier sunrise hike on Cowles Mountain in San Diego California.

California Mountain Airedales - Airedale Terrier Sunrise Hike

These larger Airedales are also known as Mountain Airedales because of their size. But, they certainly look forward to and enjoy all our mountain hikes. Continue reading “California Airedale Terrier Sunrise Hike”