Male Airedale Puppy Says Goodbye

Male Airedale puppy leaves home

Yesterday afternoon our Mr. Gray (now Teddy) said goodbye to his Mom, brothers and sisters and headed north to Northridge California with his new human family. Wow, looking back, these eight weeks really flew by. Hard to believe we were a ten Airedale home!

California male Airedale puppy
California male Airedale puppy

It was a big day yesterday here in San Diego Airedale puppy land. First, we had one of our three female puppies leave and then we had another male puppy, our Mr. Gray (now known as Teddy), leave for Northridge California. The puppy pen looks so much bigger now, with just four puppies left. Tomorrow, another male puppy will be going to Oceanside California, and then on Saturday, a female puppy will be leaving for Los Angeles.

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Male Airedale Puppy

Male Airedale Puppy at 5 weeks and 2 days old.

This video is the Airedale puppy that has a tan color collar . . . We call him Mr. Tanner.

We put color collars on all the puppies at about three weeks old. Really, except for some weight differences, to me anyway, all of the puppies look so cute, I really cannot differentiate between them by just looking at their faces. In no particular order we are going to do videos for each of the puppies. Male Airedale Puppy Continue reading “Male Airedale Puppy”