Airedale Terrier Hiking

Airedale Terrier Hiking

Some time ago I read a piece about Airedale terriers where the author said that there’s nothing that makes an Airedale happier than going on a walk of 45 minutes or so. Now, personally, I think that perhaps running around with a couple of other Airedales on an acre or two of property would be something that would make an Airedale really happy.

Airedale Terrier hiking San Diego
Airedale Terrier hiking San Diego – Top of 1st. 1/3rd of trail

But it’s certainly true, at least with the Airedales that I’ve had, they all love to go out on hikes here in San Diego. I usually wait until about 90 minutes before sunset before doing a strenuous hike by going up Cowles’s mountain. I found that the Airedales, are very sensitive to hot weather, and so I go up the east side of the mountain before sunset (and naturally carry a lot of water for the dogs to drink) so they don’t get overheated or heat exhaustion.

Airedales are pretty stoic, and I think they would try to stay up with their human companion, rather than stop and cool down. So, always bring water for them and never hike in the hottest part of the day.

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