Oorang Airedale Terriers

Oorang Airedale Terrier

I occasionally read comments to the effect that there is no such thing as a Oorang Airedale or Mountain Airedale. There are some out there, who for whatever reason, love to put down the larger breed of the Airedale Terrier. They usually say it’s just a marketing gimmick or that these dogs are subject to greater hip problems than the standard Airedale. Personally, I believe they’re wrong on both points.

Oorang Airedale TerrierOorang Airedale Terrier

Not to go into the whole history of the Oorang Airedale here in this post, but the fact is that Walter Lingo in 1920’s bred and sought to create an even more powerful type of Airedale. His efforts resulted in the King Oorang breed of Airedale dogs. Lingo described the King Oorang as the “world’s great all-around dog.”

Oorang Airedale History

Lingo created the Oorang Indians, a professional football team in Ohio. Lingo established this team to generate publicity for his Oorang dog kennels.

So, for the last 81 years or so this line of larger Airedale Terriers commonly known as Oorang Airedales or Mountain Airedales, has remained vibrant and sought after by those who believe the Airedale to be the perfect dog and the Oorang to be the perfect size Airedale Terrier.

Will that’s my take on it, and for the critics out there if you’ve not had one is part of your family, what do you really know? Is the Oorang Airedale a myth or just a bastard Airedale? in my opinion, the Oorang Airedale Terrier is neither myth or bastard! Hopefully, the Oorang Airedale Terrier will one day be officially recognized by the AKC as a larger version of the Airedale. Think about it, first there was the Schnauzer, and now the AKC recognizes and has standards for the Giant Schnauzer!

Perhaps, the standard poodle breeders were very unhappy when the AKC recognized both the miniature poodle and the toy poodle! Plus, Labradoodles were originally a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle, now they are a breed of their own!

I guess I could go on with examples of other dog breeds that were created from a standard well accepted breed to bring out certain favorable characteristics that the breeders believed would make superior dog. There will always be those, whether for vested interest or just out of closed mindedness will refuse to accept a variation on their beloved Airedale.

Personally, I believe that in my Oorang Airedale I have truly found the perfect dog!

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  1. I have owned many Airedales, and now I have an Oorang Airedale. He is 92 pounds and the love of my life. ‘Scooby’ is now 10 years old, and has been the best dog I have ever had, except for my very first Airedale, a female named Liquor. She was wonderful but only weighed about 55 pounds. I have had Airedales for over 30 years now and could never live without one, at least, in my life and my home. They are forever puppies, curious, smart, loving, playful, great with (my) grandkids. He is never grumpy, even when my toddling granddaughter fell on top of him, he just looked at her and didn’t do anything. He is very smart, and tries so hard to communicate with me. He looks me in the eye and barks, or makes some sort of noise, to let me know what he needs. Airedales are tough, strong in mind and heart. An incredible dog, everyone should have one, just once!!!

  2. We got Rose from Brenda in Washington State. I love these big ‘Dales, they are excellent Livestock guardian dogs, and I have had both the oorang type and the standard. Health is the same, disposition is, I think better with the oorang. They have a quieter spirit. Not to say they aren’t Airedales. 😉 Rose is a bit over a year, 90 pounds and almost 27 ” at shoulder. She is best friends with our cat, Bill, and is excellent oround our chickens. Our last Airedale has a flock of 50 Angora goats to take care of. He was WONDERFUL.
    Kate and Rose on Pine Creek NE Oregon

  3. My E-mail is paulwbarrentine@gmail.com I am looking for a kennel in Tennessee or states touching the state that has Oorang Airedales…. I want to be able to travel to see the dogs close up … any assistance would be appreciated !!!! THANKS …

  4. I am 67 and have owned one standard and two Oorangs. I grew up in Northern California, worked for Cal fish and game, and hunted extensively in Cal, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona and also Canada. I grew up hunting black bear, lion and hogs extensively with dogs and my dogs, the Oorangs, weighed 135 to 144, no fat, did not back down from anything, ever. These Oorangs climbed granite after lion with pure sparks passion. They are stubborn, super, on a treed focus. And they would lay next to our babies and our rabbits. Yes. The greatest dog in the world. They are their own man’. I understood that.


    My first Oorang Airedale did backdown just one time that I witnessed. In 1974, in the Toiyabe National Forest, he broke off leash and I was afraid he would be gone for hours, but he came back in under fifteen minutes…then I smelled the awesome stink’, then three of us saw a Sasquatch. Hopgar, my Oorang, was just about between my legs, probably saying…get your 45-70. The great creature, my first glimpse, returned to the heavy old growth. We found a strange giants’ scat, the lab stated, “primate of unknown origin”. Never saw Hoppy scared before.

  6. I got Captain Tobias Church (Toby) 2 months ago. He spent 4 days with his elderly owner after she died. He is a special guy with a special soul. He is very protective of my wife. He is very effectionate. We really like him. I lost my Bordadore last September and Toby is healing me as I am he.

  7. Another very happy owner of our 5 year old Oorang Airedale. He’s very smart & seems to understand English. We’ll say where are the cookies, when he comes in the house, and he heads straight to the box on our dry sink cabinet, hitting the box 2 or 3 times. Just one of many observations! Very patient & loving! We had him neutered, and did have to put him on a diet since he weighs 143 lbs. After a number of dogs over our life time ( we are now 76 years old), the Oorang Airedale is our favorite breed. We’ve had 3 Oorang Airedales all total.

  8. Does anyone know what Lingo bred with the standard Airedale to create the Oorang or was it just selective breeding?

  9. It’s my understanding it was selective breeding. Walter Lingo searched the world for the largest Airedales and then selectively bred them at his Ohio kennel.

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