Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday!

Mountain Airedale Puppies

Airedale Puppies Mountain Airedale Puppies
Mountain Airedale Puppies

For me personally it seems like just a couple of months ago; in actuality it was January 2, 2019, that Annie gave birth to nine beautiful Airedale puppies.

female Airedale puppies Mountain Airedale Puppies
Mountain Airedale puppies

This was the first time that Judi or I have ever bred a female dog. We’ve seen many puppies that were just a week or two old, but never saw the actual birth of the puppies. We consulted one professional Airedale breeder and one local lady who had bred a number of Airedales, including two litters where my prior big boy Airedale, Oakley, was the sire. I felt that I was prepared for the delivery and had all supplies on hand that I could possibly need. Continue reading “Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday!”