Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday!

Mountain Airedale Puppies

Airedale Puppies Mountain Airedale Puppies
Mountain Airedale Puppies

For me personally it seems like just a couple of months ago; in actuality it was January 2, 2019, that Annie gave birth to nine beautiful Airedale puppies.

female Airedale puppies Mountain Airedale Puppies
Mountain Airedale puppies

This was the first time that Judi or I have ever bred a female dog. We’ve seen many puppies that were just a week or two old, but never saw the actual birth of the puppies. We consulted one professional Airedale breeder and one local lady who had bred a number of Airedales, including two litters where my prior big boy Airedale, Oakley, was the sire. I felt that I was prepared for the delivery and had all supplies on hand that I could possibly need.

Mountain Airedale Puppies

These larger Airedales are also known as Mountain Airedales because of their size.

California Airedale puppy - Mountain Airedale Puppies
California Mountain Airedale puppy

The week of Annie’s due date, I brought her to the veterinarian for a full checkup and also to pick up what is commonly known as a cleanout shot (to be given a number of hours after the last puppy is delivered), to help ensure that there is no leftover material from the birth left in the uterus that could cause infection.

Airedale Terrier birth Mountain Airedale Puppies
Airedale Terrier birth

So, when the first pup arrived, I was right there and ready. Being ready and knowing what to do does not prepare one for the experience of the actual birth. It amazed me that Annie automatically knew what to do by immediately removing the placenta so the puppy could breathe.

Airedale Newborn Pups Mountain Airedale Puppies
Watching Airedale Newborn Pups

All of Annie’s puppies were delivered in our living room and for the first two or three weeks, I slept on the sofa, next to their birthing enclosure, so I could keep an eye on everything.

To watch these beautiful Airedale puppies grow from birth to eight weeks old, was really quite an experience. Oh yes, it was also a hell of a lot of work.

California Airedale puppies - Mountain Airedale Puppies
California Airedale puppies

I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore every reader out there, so I’ll end this by saying it’s really something to see these little Airedale puppies that I said goodbye to at eight weeks old, celebrating their one year birthday and bringing unconditional love to their new human families.

Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday

Here are some of Annie’s puppies (photos and comments from their humans) at one year old:

Regan is 26 1/2 inches tall, approx 83 lbs.

Regan is so much fun. He chases the squirrels daily that come for droppings from our bird feeders, he leaps like a goat as he pounces to protect us. He wakes up regularly at 5 am by leaping on our bed. He completely disregards mom and dad when we go to the dog park because he’s too busy having fun, but he can hear a dog treat bag opening from the next room. He wants to great anyone and everyone that comes into the house. He’s just awesome.

one year old Airedale Terrierlarger Airedalelarger Airedale TerrierOorang Airedale Terrier




Carlota brings so much joy to lives everyday! Carlota has completed our family, thank you!!

Airedale Terrier

California Airedale

1 year old Airedale Terrier

California Airedale Terrier




My name is Barnaby and I live in Oregon with my Mom and Dad and my sisters Gracie and Maisie.  When I first got here, my sisters had to teach me the rules of the house.  I learned quickly and am now happy to play with them, nap with them and enjoy having the whole family around me.  I went on my first camping trip and had so much fun!  I like it when people come to visit, because I get lots of extra scratches.  I have lots of energy, and lots of love to give everyone.  I especially love a kiss on my nose and a yummy cookie when I am good boy (which is most of the time).

Airedale Terrier 1 year oldAiredale Terrierlarge Airedaleoorang Airedale Terrier




This is our gorgeous Teddy Bear aka the gentle giant. He’s so smart and so protective over our family, we adore him! Teddy is 24 inches at the shoulder and his weight is 85.lbs.

large Airedalelarger Airedale

larger Airedale Terrier

1 year old Airedale - Mountain Airedale Puppies




Here’s Bodie’s 1 year stats 26″ at the shoulder 73lbs. The same weight as last month.
He’s a very Happy puppy loved the Girls gets walked twice a day sleeps all night enjoys a routine.
We love him.
Airedale TerrierCalifornia large Airedale Terrier




A few words about Ace. Let me tell you, he is smart as a whip and has energy to go forever. That being said he is also accustomed to plopping himself either loudly on the floor or his large bed where you can find him sleeping in a variety of laughable positions, and proceed to snore away. He has an obsession with paper products and socks, and you can’t trust him with anything on the kitchen counter or table. He jumps, and he digs, and he tears all the bushes out of the garden. But, he is the sweetest most adoring pup and he never ceases to make me smile or laugh and is always up for a belly rub or cuddle and me and my family love him so much. Ace is about 75-80 lbs.

Mountain Airedale Terrier - Mountain Airedale PuppiesOorang Airedale TerrierAiredale Terrierlarge Airedale Terrier - Mountain Airedale Puppies


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

After the First World War, the Airedales’ popularity rapidly increased thanks to stories of their bravery on the battlefield and also because Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding owned Airedales. President Harding’s Airedale, Laddie Boy, was the “first celebrity White House pet”. President Harding had a special chair hand carved for him to sit on at very important Cabinet meetings. In the 1920s, the Airedale became the most popular breed in the USA.

President Roosevelt claimed that “An Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then lick the other dog, if he has to.”

1949 marked the peak of the Airedales’ popularity in the USA, ranked 20th out of 110 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.


Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday

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