Big Airedale Terriers – Arizona

Big Airedale Terriers

The bigger Airedale Terriers are also called Oorang Airedales, Mountain Airedales, or just plain larger Airedale Terriers.

There’s quite a lot of misinformation about these larger Airedale Terriers. Having owned both regular sized Airedales and the larger Airedales oh, I can definitively say there is absolutely no difference oh, well except for size, between the regular AKC standard Airedales and the larger Airedales! Just in case that statement wasn’t clear enough for some, the larger Airedales have the same terrific qualities and characteristics and intelligence is the regular size Airedales! Continue reading “Big Airedale Terriers – Arizona”

Arizona Larger Airedale Terriers

Arizona Larger Airedale Terriers

AKA Oorang Airedales, Mountain Airedales or just larger Airedale Terriers. My prior Oorang Airedale, Oakley, was 99 pounds!

Larger Airedale Terriers
Tova & Teddy Larger Arizona Airedale Terriers


Peoria’s third and newest community park, Paloma Community Park, provides a broad range of active and passive recreational activities to the entire community. At 85 acres in size, the new park can accommodate large numbers of people while maintaining social distancing and will draw residents from throughout the community to enjoy its many amenities. Continue reading “Arizona Larger Airedale Terriers”

Larger Airedales

Larger Airedales San Diego California

These larger Airedales are Annie and Teddy, located in San Diego, California.

The first time Airedales were imported to North America was in the 1880s, and the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1888. Apart from hunting small animals, the Airedale has also been used on hunts for larger game and as police dogs, war dogs and family guardians. Continue reading “Larger Airedales”

Airedale Terrier idea

An idea for your Airedale Terriers

Oorang Airedale Terriers

I should really say this is probably safe for all pets and also it’s not my original idea. Occasionally, when my two Airedales are in the backyard they’ll eat some of the grass and weeds that pop up, especially after the heavy rains we had here in San Diego.

Sure I can spray on some type of weed-killer poison, but I really don’t think this is a good idea when you have any type of pets out in your backyard. Continue reading “Airedale Terrier idea”

Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday!

Mountain Airedale Puppies

Airedale Puppies Mountain Airedale Puppies
Mountain Airedale Puppies

For me personally it seems like just a couple of months ago; in actuality it was January 2, 2019, that Annie gave birth to nine beautiful Airedale puppies.

female Airedale puppies Mountain Airedale Puppies
Mountain Airedale puppies

This was the first time that Judi or I have ever bred a female dog. We’ve seen many puppies that were just a week or two old, but never saw the actual birth of the puppies. We consulted one professional Airedale breeder and one local lady who had bred a number of Airedales, including two litters where my prior big boy Airedale, Oakley, was the sire. I felt that I was prepared for the delivery and had all supplies on hand that I could possibly need. Continue reading “Mountain Airedale Puppies Celebrate 1Yr. Birthday!”

What to feed your Airedale Terrier

What to feed your Airedale Terrier

Here I’m talking about Airedale Terriers, but, believe my opinions on proper feeding your dog, can apply to most other dog breeds.

What to feed your Airedale Terrier
What to feed your Airedale Terrier – My home cooked meals for my two Mountain Airedales

With recent headlines like:

2019 dog food recalls: Is your pet’s favorite brand on the list?

35 lawsuits combine over vitamin D dog food recall

FDA cautions against feeding your dog this food after a sample shows salmonella

It may well pay to home-cook for your Airedale. Why not try to insure your Airedales health, happiness, and longevity? Continue reading “What to feed your Airedale Terrier”