Big Airedale Terriers – Arizona

Big Airedale Terriers

The bigger Airedale Terriers are also called Oorang Airedales, Mountain Airedales, or just plain larger Airedale Terriers.

There’s quite a lot of misinformation about these larger Airedale Terriers. Having owned both regular sized Airedales and the larger Airedales oh, I can definitively say there is absolutely no difference oh, well except for size, between the regular AKC standard Airedales and the larger Airedales! Just in case that statement wasn’t clear enough for some, the larger Airedales have the same terrific qualities and characteristics and intelligence is the regular size Airedales!

Big Airedale Terriers

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Large Airedale Terriers Arizona - Big Airedale Terriers - Arizona

Personally, because of their size, I believe they are the ideal dog! Plus, their size, and deep bark give them an added benefit in providing family protection.  So far, my largest Airedale Terrier was Oakley. Oakley lived do about 10 years old and was 99 lbs..  Actually, he was a  dad to 2 litters of beautiful Airedale puppies in San Diego California.

I always remember how anytime someone knocked on the door, or ring the front doorbell, and Oakley would bark, when I  opened the door, whoever it was, was standing back at least 10 ft from the door!

big Airedale Terriers ArizonaAiredale Terriers are very smart and they love to play but even more than that, mine have always loved going on hikes and visiting the dog parks. Actually, for anyone getting an Airedale Terrier I would definitely recommend that you start taking them to dog parks when they’re still young, so they can get acclimated to not only the other dogs, but, also all the other people.

Larger Airedale Puppies - Big Airedale Terriers - Arizona
Larger Airedale Puppies

Now I do have to add a word of caution here, always choose your dog parks carefully and along with that, choose the right time of day. Personally, I think the morning’s at the dog park bring out the best behaved dogs and their owners.  Lastly, I’d say, if I’m going to a dog park, and a dog is showing aggression, or is a Pitbull, I would not take my Airedales in, just to be extra cautious.


He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. …. To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”


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