Larger Airedale Puppies

Larger Airedale Puppies

Large Airedale Terrier puppies yes the puppy shown here were born to Happy (and 88 lb AKC Airedale Terrier) and Hitch (115Lbs) AKC Airedale Terrier.

Finding these large Airedale Terriers is really quite difficult. All those of these large Airedale Terriers are AKC registered they cannot be entered into any AKC shows because they are out of the Airedale specifications for height and weight. Continue reading “Larger Airedale Puppies”

Big Airedale Terriers – Arizona

Big Airedale Terriers

The bigger Airedale Terriers are also called Oorang Airedales, Mountain Airedales, or just plain larger Airedale Terriers.

There’s quite a lot of misinformation about these larger Airedale Terriers. Having owned both regular sized Airedales and the larger Airedales oh, I can definitively say there is absolutely no difference oh, well except for size, between the regular AKC standard Airedales and the larger Airedales! Just in case that statement wasn’t clear enough for some, the larger Airedales have the same terrific qualities and characteristics and intelligence is the regular size Airedales! Continue reading “Big Airedale Terriers – Arizona”

Larger Airedale Terrier Puppies 10 weeks old

These are the larger Airedale Terrier Puppies at 10 weeks old.

Active and energetic, the Airedale Terrier is also known for its intelligence. Its confidence makes it a good companion for the pet owners who can rely on this lovely dog at any time and in any situation. The Airedale Terrier has also been blessed with a playful nature that makes it a delightful friend for its owners. Initially created to catch rats and otters, this breed originated from Yorkshire’s Aire Valley in England. Continue reading “Larger Airedale Terrier Puppies 10 weeks old”

Big Airedale Puppy

Big Airedale Puppy

Large Airedale Terrier puppy at 9 weeks old in Arizona.

I have owned both the regular size Airedale terriers and the larger Airedale Terriers also known as Oorang Airedales, Mountain Airedales or just plain big Airedale Terriers.

Personally, I believe the larger Airedale Terrier is the ideal Airedale! As far as personalities go, I have seen absolutely no difference between the regular size Airedale and the larger Airedales. Continue reading “Big Airedale Puppy”

Airedale Puppy Socialization

Airedale Puppy Socialization

Annie ad nine Airedale Terrier puppies on January 2, 2019. This picture was taken when the puppies were eight weeks old, and these are the last that were remaining to go to their new forever homes.

You can see any looking over my shoulder and watching her little puppies .

Airedale puppy socializing
Airedale puppy socialization

Judi & I interacted with the puppies multiple times per day.

Just to be on the safe side, until they got there first vaccinations at six weeks it was just Judy and I our son and his girlfriend ( after sanitizing their close shoes and hands ) who interacted with the puppies . After their first shot, we still sanitized visitors who wanted to come by and also at this time was the first time that we took them out into our backyard. Continue reading “Airedale Puppy Socialization”

Large Airedale Puppies

Large Airedale Puppies

Annie gave birth to nine puppies on 1/2/2019. Below are three of her pups at around four/five weeks old.

female Airedale puppies large Airedale puppies
large Airedale puppies

Annie’s puppies just turned six months old, and I asked the Airedale parents if they could send in some photos of their pups and their weights. Well, this post is about showing you these beautiful, larger Airedale puppies from birth to six months old.

Continue reading “Large Airedale Puppies”