Big Airedale Puppy

Big Airedale Puppy

Large Airedale Terrier puppy at 9 weeks old in Arizona.

I have owned both the regular size Airedale terriers and the larger Airedale Terriers also known as Oorang Airedales, Mountain Airedales or just plain big Airedale Terriers.

Personally, I believe the larger Airedale Terrier is the ideal Airedale! As far as personalities go, I have seen absolutely no difference between the regular size Airedale and the larger Airedales.

Big Airedale Puppy

larger Airedale Terriers
Teddy & Tova – larger Airedale Terriers

Because the larger Airedales are out of the AKC specifications for Airedale terriers, even though they are registered with the AKC they cannot be entered into any of the AKC shows or competitions. The breeders of the regular AKC Airedales in many cases tend to distain the larger Airedales. They believe that the breeding of the larger Airedales is hurting the normal AKC standardized Airedales.

AKC Airedale purist tend to put down the Oorang Airedales is somehow being inferior, when in reality I believe they are superior in many ways. But rather than get into arguing, I equate the current situation to the schnauzer breed. It’s my understanding, that originally the AKC approve standards for the regular schnauzer. Since then, the AKC has also approved definitive standards for the Miniature Schnauzer and the Giant Schnauzer. One should keep in mind that these dogs (the Miniature and the Giant Schnauzer) existed and were popular well before the AKC standardized the breeds. I equate this to the current situation with the standard size Airedale Terriers and the larger Oorang Airedale terriers. I just believe it’s a matter of time before the popularity of the larger Airedale Terrier results in the AKC’s approval and setting up standards for the big Airedale Terriers.

big Airedale Terriers


So, if you love the personality of the regular Airedale Terrier, but long for one that’s larger, and you’re not interested in participating in any AKC shows, you should definitely check out the Oorang Airedales!

larger Airedale Terriers


The Airedale Terrier is a hard-working, independent, dog with a lot of drive, and all day stamina. Like most terriers, the Airedale is prone to digging, chasing, and barking. Do not leave your Airedale, alone for long periods of time, or he is likely to become bored, which leads to the aforementioned behaviors, becoming more destructive behaviors.

Airedales are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they’re prone to certain health conditions. If you’re buying a puppy, find a good breeder who will show you health clearances for both your puppy’s parents.

The Airedale Terrier does not require a lot of grooming, although most owners do choose to have their Airedale professionally groomed, three to four times a year. The Airedale Terrier is not known for extreme shedding, but he does shed certain times of the year. Regular brushing, once or twice a week, keeps the coat in good condition. Periodic bathing, as needed is suggested but be careful, over-bathing is not recommended, as this will soften their coarse terrier coat.

Any breed with tremendous energy, temperament becomes of the utmost importance. A dog’s temperament is affected by a number of factors, including genetics, obedience training, and socialization. Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful, willing to approach people and be held by them. Choose the middle-of-the-road puppy, not the one who’s beating up his littermates or the one who’s hiding in the corner.

Airedales are truly one of a kind! Long love the King! Yes, the Airedale Terriers are lovely-natured charismatic dogs and really affectionate too! Plus, the Airedale is VERY smart and fun loving! Airedales have wonderful dispositions and are easily trained. The Airedale Terrier, the largest member of the terrier group, is known to admirers as the King of Terriers. They have broad versatility, intelligence, and unswerving loyalty.

All Airedales are fun loving, healthy, wonderful dogs.

Oorang Airedale Terrier puppy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Airedales weigh approximately 50-80 pounds, being active and agile enough to perform well, while not too small to function as a physical deterrent, retriever or hunter. Some breeders have produced larger Airedale Terriers, such as the ‘Oorang Airedale’, developed in the 1920s.

Ex-Army captain and Airdale breeder Walter Lingo’s monthly magazine “Oorang Comments” (#25, page 81), stated that “When full grown your Airedale dog will weigh from forty to fifty-five pounds and if a female will weigh slightly less. This is the standard weight, but when required, we can furnish oversized Airedales whose weight will be from sixty to one hundred pounds.”

Because Lingo tried to fill orders for everyone, the Oorang strain size was never standardized. Airedales weighing from 40 to 100 pounds were produced, but for the most part they were approximately 50 pounds and 22 to 24 inches at the shoulder. In the United States, the male Airedales measure 40 to 70 pounds, with the Oorang strain typically in the 80 to 120 pound range.


He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. …. To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”

Big Airedale Puppy



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