California Airedale Terrier Sunrise Hike

17 years I’ve be hiking up this (Cowles Mtn.) mountain with Airedales. We have taken in many great sunsets over the Pacific, but untilĀ  December 12th., we never did a sunrise hike. This is our larger Airedale Terrier sunrise hike on Cowles Mountain in San Diego California.

California Mountain Airedales - Airedale Terrier Sunrise Hike

These larger Airedales are also known as Mountain Airedales because of their size. But, they certainly look forward to and enjoy all our mountain hikes. Continue reading “California Airedale Terrier Sunrise Hike”

Airedale Hike – Mission Trails Regional Park

Airedale Hike – San Diego Mission Trails Regional Park

Dog hiking in Mission Trails Regional Park at the river trail-head at Mission Gorge Road & Jackson Drive. This is a nice wide trail that goes down to the San Diego River. The river is usually dry in the summer. But, even with a little water, you can cross by going just a little west of the main crossing & avoid getting wet.

Now, the trail going up on the Tierrasanta side is steeper than the San Diego side, but, still easy. These trails are good for your dog especially late in the day, because they are mostly shaded from direct sun and they are really wide. Continue reading “Airedale Hike – Mission Trails Regional Park”

Best Dog Hikes San Diego

Best Dog Hikes San Diego

San Diego best dog trails – Cowles Mountain is at the Eastern side of the city of San Diego, it borders La Mesa and Santee.

The main trail starts at the corner of Navajo Rd, and Golfcreast Dr.. This is a very popular and busy trail. Because it’s narrow, I would NOT recommend it with the dog, because you always end up pulling the dog over so people can get by. Plus, if you’re like me and you looking for little serenity on the trail this front trail is not for you because of all the people and even little kids it’s very noisy.

The Barker Way Trail on the east side of the mountain is really a much better trail for enjoying your hike, and the only trail I would recommend for taking your dog.

The one-way distance from the trailhead, which is right off Parker Way, is 1.6 miles. The parks department rates this trail as moderate. It takes me, about 45 to 55 minutes to get to the summit. Continue reading “Best Dog Hikes San Diego”