Airedale Hike – Mission Trails Regional Park

Airedale Hike – San Diego Mission Trails Regional Park

Dog hiking in Mission Trails Regional Park at the river trail-head at Mission Gorge Road & Jackson Drive. This is a nice wide trail that goes down to the San Diego River. The river is usually dry in the summer. But, even with a little water, you can cross by going just a little west of the main crossing & avoid getting wet.

Now, the trail going up on the Tierrasanta side is steeper than the San Diego side, but, still easy. These trails are good for your dog especially late in the day, because they are mostly shaded from direct sun and they are really wide.

Airedale Hike – Mission Trails Regional Park

Airedale Terrier puppy
Airedale Terrier puppy

My dog is an Airedale Terrier apx. 4.5 Yrs old and 53.5 Lbs.

This is my third 360° camera and it is by far the best. One of the outstanding features of the Insta360 One X, is the fact that it has built in amazing stabilization. What this means is that even though your hiking on a rough trail using it on and off road bicycle or even on a motorcycle, your videos come out looking extremely smooth.

As you can see from the video in the beginning I’m hiking with my Airedale on a leash in one hand and the self the stick with the camera at the end, in my other hand. But if you watch the video closely you won’t see any of the jerking movement that you would normally see, because the camera has smooth it all out.

Another and perhaps one of the major advantages of using a 360° camera is the fact that you really don’t have to aim it at your subject, because it’s shooting everything, you can look at the final footage and it just exactly what you want the viewer to see out of the whole 360° captured video.

The manufacturer provides free editing software for your smart phone as well as your computer that allows you to do not only the basic editing functions in video but also produce some amazing effects.

Insta360 One X - Airedale Terrier Hike 360
Insta360 One X on selfi stick

Actually, for me this camera is like having a drone camera following you around or a camera person filming all your special occasions and adventures. With the camera on a self the stick and over your shoulder you can be in the scene and participating in the activities while capturing it all on video.

Insta360 One X selfi-stick - Airedale Terrier Hike 360 - Airedale Hike
Insta360 One X selfie stick

My affiliate link below is a direct link to the manufacturers website and provides interested purchasers with the opportunity to purchase this camera and get a free selfistick normally not included at retail outlets. Plus, currently the manufacturer is shipping these cameras out by Federal Express and there is no sales tax collected. Lastly, you are covered by the full manufacturers one year warranty on the camera.

CLICK HEREInsta360 One X

Even if you’re not interested in purchasing the camera at this time you should probably still click through on the link if you want to see all the features that this amazing high-tech camera is capable of.

If you are interested in hiking with your dog at Cowles Mountain, here is another video I shot with another camera about the Barker Way trail.



Airedale Hike – Mission Trails Regional Park

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