Airedale Terrier Service Dog

Airedale Terrier Service Dog

Airedale Terrier breeder talks about her Airedale service dog program.

The Airedale Terrier service dog in the video is a very rare black Airedale Terrier.

Because this program is based on dog availability, currently the breeder is not taking any new applications. If or when this program is reopened, will post a notice here in this text. If you require a service dog you can send details to: & your email will be sent on to the breeder. Continue reading “Airedale Terrier Service Dog”

Large Airedale Breeder Interview

Large Airedale Breeder

This is an interview with a breeder of a large Airedale Terriers. Most of the Airedale terriers at this breeders facility range from about 50 pounds on the low side to 122 pounds! Sorry about the sound quality, the camera picked up the motor noise of the gimbal that I was using, and I just couldn’t get it out of the audio track.

These Airedale terriers are way over the AKC standards for the Airedale line. This means that you would not be able to enter these large Airedale Terriers in any AKC sanctioned dog show. Now, with that said from having owned both the regular Airedale Terriers and the larger (sometimes called Oorang Airedales or Mountain Airedales) Airedales, I think the larger Airedale is the ideal size Airedale. Continue reading “Large Airedale Breeder Interview”