5 Week Old Airedale Puppies

5 Week Old Airedale Puppies

Quite a few people contacted me about my prior to videos on these puppies. They said they like to see additional videos of the puppies because it makes them feel really happy to watch these little five week old Airedale puppies at play.

Just today starting about 3:30pm in the afternoon and he started giving birth to these wonderful nine little furry creatures

5 Week Old Airedale Puppies

5 week old Airedale puppy
5 week old Airedale puppy
Airedale Terrier puppy
Airedale Terrier puppy – teeth just coming in.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

At this age, their little teeth are starting to come in, and they are very sharp. So, because of this they are teething and biting and gnawing on everything possible.

We feed these little Airedales a mixture of puppy food that has been soaked in goats milk and then heated up to about 98°. After they eat, we clean them up, and then it’s playtime for about 20 minutes or so. After this it’s nap-time for at least an hour and a half or 2 1/2 hours. Then a little playtime, and then it’s another nap until it’s time for the next feeding.

The Airedale was extensively used in World War I to carry messages to soldiers behind enemy lines and transport mail. They were also used by the Red Cross to find wounded soldiers on the battlefield. There are numerous tales of Airedales delivering their messages despite terrible injury. An Airedale named “Jack” ran through half a mile of enemy fire, with a message attached within his collar. He arrived at headquarters with his jaw broken and one leg badly splintered, and right after he delivered the message, he dropped dead in front of its recipient.

Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Hautenville Richardson was responsible for the development of messenger and guard dogs in the British Army. He, along with his wife, established the British War Dog School at Shoeburyness in Essex, England. In 1916, they provided two Airedales (Wolf & Prince) for use as message carriers. After both dogs proved themselves in battle, Airedales were given more duties, such as locating injured soldiers on the battlefield, an idea taken from the Red Cross.


The Airedale Terrier – – – He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. ….To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”

Airedale – once you’ve had one you will never want any other breed of dog.

Our Airedale Terrier Youtube channel.






5 Week Old Airedale Puppies

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  1. Every video is different I can’t really change the angles I can cut and splice that’s about it. I wasn’t really happy with the angles on this anyway that’s why I didn’t post it up on Facebook. It’s been raining here so I have not been able to do the individual puppy videos yet until we get some sun hopefully by the weekend.

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