Airedale playing with a Coyote

Airedale playing?

Well, this video and the music soundtrack makes me think this dog must be owned by a liberal who thinks everything in nature is just perfect and doesn’t realize by just letting his Airedale be with this coyote he’s putting it in terrific danger.

Do the dog and coyote a favor…..scare it off and don’t let your dog out when the coyote is out again….you are habituating him to a predator.  Airedales are pretty tough but more than 2 coyotes and you will have a very wounded or dead dog.  Remember right now he’s learning coyotes aren’t bad.

Large Airedale Terriers

Coyotes will lure a dog back to its pack in this manner, with the purpose of killing it. They see a dog as another predator within their hunting grounds, and seek to eliminate the competition. That coyote is not playing, it’s strategizing. Don’t be fooled, and don’t let your dog fall victim.

Airedale rescue

Airedale playing

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