San Diego Motorcycle Dog

San Diego Motorcycle Dog

San Diego motorcycle dog. There are a few dogs who ride on motorcycles here in San Diego California.

This cute little dog rides on this custom painted Harley-Davidson.

This video was shot in Escondido California . . . just North of the city of San Diego.

Here in San Diego, California, there are quite a few¬† dogs to go motorcycle riding (so far I’ve just seen them on Harley-Davidson bikes) with their human companions.

San Diego motorcycle dog

San Diego chopper dog

Obviously, I don’t know for sure, but so far the dogs that I’ve seen on motorcycles all seem to be enjoying the experience. But, what dog would not like to feel the rush of air against their face and the fast changing scenery?

Oorang Airedale TerrierOakley the San Diego Mountain Airedale Terrier

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