Arizona Large Airedales – Sunrise at the Park

Arizona Large Airedales

A September sunrise at Paloma Park, Peoria AZ.

Dog Park @ Sunrise
Dog Park Sunrise

Teddy and Tova with a large friend.

Large Airedale Terriers Arizona

With the Arizona high heat, we always try to get Teddy and Tova out on a trail or to the dog park first thing in the morning. This is Paloma Park in Peoria Arizona.

Arizona Large Airedales

Look carefully and you will see the park lights are still on just before sunrise.

Paloma Park Arizona

Paloma Park sunrise

Tova, our eight month old, 60 pound, larger Airedale Terrier

large Airedale terrier


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Airedales are truly one of a kind!  Yes, the Airedale Terriers are lovely-natured charismatic dogs and really affectionate too! Plus, the Airedale is VERY smart and fun loving!

President Warren G. Harding’s Airedale Terrier, Laddie Boy, was seated on a high backed chair on the White House Lawn, ca. 1921-1923.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Airedales weigh approximately 50-80 pounds, being active and agile enough to perform well, while not too small to function as a physical deterrent, retriever or hunter. Some breeders have produced larger Airedale Terriers, such as the ‘Oorang Airedale’, developed in the 1920s.

Ex-Army captain and Airedale breeder Walter Lingo’s monthly magazine “Oorang Comments”, stated that “When full grown your Airedale dog will weigh from forty to fifty-five pounds and if a female will weigh slightly less. This is the standard weight, but when required, we can furnish oversized Airedales whose weight will be from sixty to one hundred pounds.”

Because Lingo tried to fill orders for everyone, the Oorang strain size was never standardized. Airedales weighing from 40 to 100 pounds were produced, but for the most part they were approximately 50 pounds and 22 to 24 inches at the shoulder. In the United States, the male Airedales measure 40 to 70 pounds, with the Oorang strain typically in the 80 to 120 pound range.


He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. …. To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”


Our Airedale Terrier Youtube channel.


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  1. I would love to come visit with you and your Airedales. I used to have Airedales in my life and I absolutely love the breed. I was renting for several years after my divorce and now that I own my own home, I would love to have an Airedale. I am a little hesitate as I love to garden and I know these guys love to dig. I also am a little concerned about the size, even of a standard Airedale because they are also very strong. I am 70 years old but I am very healthy, 6 feet tall and pretty strong as I stay active. I would just love to visit with you and talk about my concerns before I commit to getting my own Airedale. I put in an application with Airedale Rescue but my hopes of getting one through them is pretty slim. Anyway, thank you for any help you can give me.

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