Arizona larger Airedale Puppies

Arizona larger Airedale Puppies

Photo is Teddy, who is two years old, and Archie and Tova who are 10 weeks old. All three of these Arizona Airedales are the larger (aka Oorang or Mountain Airedales) type and although AKC registered, because they are over the AKC specifications, cannot be entered into any AKC competitions.

Arizona larger Airedale Puppies

Archie and Tova are brother and sister. Archie will be going to a new forever home soon.

Arizona larger Airedale Puppies

Oorang Airedale Terrier puppies

Having three Airedale terriers, of which two of them are just 10 weeks old can keep a couple really busy. With any Airedale puppies it’s always good to have hydrogen peroxide and some cotton pads handy. Their little baby teeth are like hypodermic needles and their teething until their new permanent teeth come in.

This time around with Airedale puppies, I actually made it four days before they got me. Personally, to help the puppies out, I have a lot of chew toys around and they seem to especially like the braided rope toys. The Airedale teething is not really a problem as long as you understand that it’s just a phase that they all go through. As puppies they do a lot of sleeping and at this stage, right before their naps, the heating usually vanishes and they are the sweetest little puppies.Airedale Terrier biting

Active and energetic, this sporting dog is also known for its intelligence. Its confidence makes it a good companion for the pet owners who can rely on this lovely dog at any time and in any situation. It has also been blessed with a playful nature that makes it a delightful friend for its owners. Initially created to catch rats and otters, this breed originated from Yorkshire’s Aire Valley.


He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. …. To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”

Larger Airedale Puppies



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  1. Thanks for the inquiry. The virus has made the prices for puppies go through the roof for almost all breeds. The larger/Oorang Airedales are the ones that I like the best, but they are much harder to find than the standard size Airedale. A breeder in Colorado had seven Oorang pups, the asking price is $2500 and she sold all within just a few weeks.

    You may wish to consider”
    The AKC ‘Marketplace’ website for upcoming litters. There was a New Mexico breeder with a litter expected in a few month as I recall.
    I would also suggest, that you mark my Airedale blog as one of your favorites
    as well as join our Facebook Airedale group that’s named Airedale terriers of the Southwest


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