Army Dog

Army Dog

A reunion three years in the making for Army Specialist Vance McFarland. Thanks to help from Mission K9 Rescue, McFarland and his former Tactical Explosive Detection Dog were reunited for good.

When these soldiers retire they should have the option to keep their dogs with no charge at all.

We pay for welfare for people that don’t deserve it, let’s pay for something good for once!

Army Dog

army dog

In Australia and New Zealand, the police and military are allowed to keep their retired service dogs. There is no good reason why that shouldn’t happen in the USA!

These dogs did a service to their country. In addition to staying with their handlers they should get food and medical for the rest of their lives. I mean they didn’t exactly volunteer to go to a war / catastrophe zone (you know what I mean, I want to include the Police dogs). At least give them a great retirement.

Definitely more respect should go to these dogs. It’s like the government doesn’t care for ours vets as it should, so what can you expect for the dogs?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The San Carlos War Dog Training Center also called the Western Remount Area Reception and Training Center was located at San Carlos, California. Then was built at the old H & H Ranch. The US Army opened the 177 acre center on October, 15 1942. The center was used to train US Army dogs. The US Army ended the land lease on November 1, 1944. The land was built in to family homes in the 1950s.

San Carlos War Dog Training Center was one of five US Army dog training centers. The center was operated by the US Army Quartermaster Corps. Trained dogs were an import part of the World War 2 efforts. German Shepherds, Belgian Sheep dogs, Doberman Pinschers, farm Collies and Giant Schnauzers were trained at the center. At the center dogs were trained to be guards, scouts, messengers, mine detectors, sled and pack dogs. The training took 8 to 11 weeks, the dogs and the trainers were housed at the center. Training was at first basic dog training, then advanced to dog being at easy with gunfire, riding in military vehicles and wearing gas masks. At is peak there were 550 troops, 15 civilian contractors and up to 1,200 dogs at the center. By the end of the war 4,500 dogs and 2,500 men were trained at the center. 





Army Dog


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