California Dog Rattlesnake

California Dog Rattlesnake – larger Airedale Terriers encounter usage rattlesnake.

This just occurred early September 2017 in Mission Trails Regional Park in the City of San Diego are working lately. Mission Trails Regional Park youat approximately 5800 ac.²  is the largest regional Park this side of the Mississippi. There are a lot of great hiking and mountain bike trails going throughout the park.

I like to take my two mountain Airedale Terriers hiking here usually late in the day when the temperature is going down and we don’t have to go in the direct sun. So, it’s not uncommon that we see quite a few rattlesnakes. Just two weeks ago I saw rattlesnakes on three out of the five days that we took our walks.

California Dog Rattlesnake

dog rattlesnake safety California Dog Rattlesnake

I did another video earlier in the year with tips about how to avoid your dogs getting bitten by a rattlesnake on trails here in San Diego California. So, I am not really going to repeat what I said in the other video, but, for those of you who are interested here is a direct link to that video: Dog rattlesnake safety tips

With over 10 years of hiking San Diego trails with my dogs,  I’ve never encountered a rattlesnake the size of this one! The vast majority of rattlesnakes that I encounter are usually somewhere around 18 inches or so long. Conservatively, I have to say that this rattlesnake was easily over 4′ long!

San Diego rattlesnake California Dog Rattlesnake

Many people believe that these large rattlesnakes are the most dangerous because of the amount of venom they normally injected into their victims. also, I understand that to bring your dog in for rattlesnake antivenin treatment, could easily run way over $1000!

California Airedale Terriers

Sorry about the shaky video, but, one hand was holding two leashes and about 150 pounds of Airedale Terriers,the other hand was holding selfie-stick with a Samsung S7 smart phone at the end of its three-foot length.

Here’s a link to a good article about how to avoid your pets getting bitten by rattlesnakes, that was published by UC Davis:

Avoid Snakebite during Summer Pet Outings





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