Dog Safety

Dog Safety

We love our pets. And we spend big bucks to keep them safe and healthy. But do the things we buy really work? Marketplace investigates pet safety products, putting them to the test and revealing why they could put your pet, and your family, at risk.

Keep in mind that these tests were done in 2013. So, now five years later I’m positive other companies have improved or made much better dog harnesses. the only harness during these five year old tests that passed was called the┬áSleepypod Clickit Utility.

Personally I have looked at a lot of these dog auto restraint harnesses and now see that a number of them are tested to the same standards as child restraint systems. Basically, the majority of the new dog safety car restraint systems are tested with about an 80 pound dog in a 30 mile an hour crash.

Dog Safety

Oorang Airedale Terrier puppy   dog safety
Oorang Airedale Terrier puppy @ 8 months old

below I have shown some of these new crash tested automobile dog safety harnesses that are offered on Amazon. Obviously, if you don’t have a restraint system for your dog when in your car, and protect your best friend by getting one of these tested harnesses. If you do have a harness for your dog when in the automobile, but, you’re not sure whether it has been tested to any standards, or for that matter is more than five years old, I think it would be a good investment on your part and most assuredly for your pets protection, to purchase a new crash tested restraint system today.

This is what I did for all my two mountain Airedales. I had an older auto restraint system but it was older than five years and I personally did not recall if it at the time I purchased it it had met any crash safety standards. So, I consider this very cheap insurance, and just ordered two brand-new crash tested harnesses for both of my Airedales.

Also, let’s be realistic here, perhaps no restraint system is going to prevent all potential injury to your pet. With that said, not having any restraint system at all, in my humble opinion, should be considered animal cruelty, because even in a small fender bender at 10 or 20 miles an hour, your pet is going to be thrown forward into the windshield or into the back of the front seats.


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Dog Safety

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