Dog vs Intruder

Dog vs Intruder

See this is what they don’t tell you: A dog does the same thing that an alarm would do and that is to make noise. What a dog also will likely do is if they see a burglar attacking the owner, they will almost certainly come to their rescue. Dogs don’t care about no xbox or jewelry but they are very protective of their owners.

Could it also be true that these dogs would sense a dangerous or negative energy in a person? This man is posing as an intruder but his intentions aren’t negative. Some dogs would respond to negative energy and would get very protective

Oorang Airedale Terrier - Dog vs IntruderDog vs Intruder

It would be interesting to see how the dogs would react if the owners were there. I’d like to see a scenario where the owner pretends to be in bed asleep and an intruder comes in. My guess is that there would be a totally different reaction.

The problem with this video is that it’s missing the key trigger to for a dog to go defensive. . . Scent. Dogs can pick up on the scent of a person experiencing high stress. This will send most dogs into a state of alert. Any normal person when they break into a home are excited, the adrenaline is rushing, they’re sweating, hearts racing.

Plus any normal person with no experience in dog training would probably get nervous around the dog. This is also a trigger for dogs to become aggressive. So basically. You simply can’t recreate the conditions to see if a dog will attack. The guy is obviously experienced with dogs and is very calm inside the house. So of course the dog won’t be triggered to attack. This video proves nothing.

Now, when it comes to my 99 pound Airedale Terrier, if an intruder ever got in the house he be looking for a quick way out real soon!

Dog vs Intruder

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