Dogs and excessive heat

Dogs and excessive heat

Dogs and excessive heat
Dogs are susceptible to the effects of excessive heat, and it’s important to take precautions to ensure their well-being during hot weather. Here are some key points to consider:

Dogs and excessive heat

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  1. Provide ample shade: Make sure your dog has access to a cool and shaded area at all times, especially during the hottest parts of the day. This could be indoors with air conditioning or a well-ventilated area outdoors.
  2. Offer fresh water: Always provide your dog with plenty of fresh, cool water. Check the water bowl frequently to ensure it hasn’t run out or become too warm. Consider using a water fountain or adding ice cubes to keep the water temperature down.
  3. Avoid hot surfaces: Pavement, sand, and asphalt can become extremely hot and burn your dog’s paw pads. Walk your dog on grassy areas or use protective booties if you need to venture onto hot surfaces.
  4. Limit outdoor activities: Reduce the duration and intensity of outdoor exercise and playtime when it’s hot. Plan walks and exercise for the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or evening.
  5. Never leave your dog in a parked car: The temperature inside a car can skyrocket within minutes, even with the windows cracked open. Leaving your dog in a parked car, even for a short period, can lead to heatstroke and be life-threatening.
  6. Recognize signs of heatstroke: Watch for symptoms like excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. If you suspect heatstroke, move your dog to a cool area, apply cool (not cold) water to their body, and seek veterinary help immediately.
  7. Consider cooling aids: You can provide additional cooling options like placing a damp towel or cooling mat for your dog to lie on. Some dogs enjoy wading in shallow, cool water or playing with a sprinkler.

Remember, certain dog breeds are more sensitive to heat due to their anatomy, such as brachycephalic breeds (e.g., Bulldogs, Pugs). These breeds are more prone to heat-related issues and require extra care and attention in hot weather.

To determine if the ground is too hot for dogs, you can use the “7-Second Rule.” Follow these steps:

  1. Place the back of your hand on the pavement or ground where you intend to walk your dog.
  2. Hold it there for approximately 7 seconds.
  3. Pay attention to your own comfort level during this time. If it feels uncomfortable or too hot for your hand, it’s likely too hot for your dog’s paws as well.

If the ground is too hot, it’s best to avoid walking your dog on those surfaces to prevent burns or discomfort. Instead, seek out shaded or grassy areas for walks or outdoor activities.

Keep in mind that the sensitivity of your dog’s paws can vary based on factors such as breed, age, and individual tolerance. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and prioritize your dog’s safety and well-being.

It’s essential to be proactive in protecting your dog from excessive heat to prevent heatstroke and other heat-related complications. Always prioritize your dog’s well-being and seek veterinary assistance if you notice any concerning symptoms.

Dogs and excessive heat


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