Mountain Airedales

Oorang Airedale
Oorang Airedale

The Airedale Terrier is a terrier dog breed originating from Airedale in Yorkshire, England. It traditionally was called the “King of Terriers” because they are the largest of the terrier breeds, 50 to over 100 pounds.

The Airedale terrier was bred originally to hunt otters in and around the valleys of the River Aire from whence it gets its name. In England this breed was used as a police dog to help find criminals. As pets Airedales can be very entertaining.  They are fun-loving animals. Socializing (contact with other dogs) during the first months of age is specially important in this breed.

Yes, Airedale Oorangs love to play and go on walks. The Oorang Airedales are also called Mountain Airedales because of their larger size.

15 Replies to “Mountain Airedales”

  1. A new litter of puppies is due any day now. They will be ready for new homes at the end of December. They are AKC registered and usually sell for $1,000 each.

  2. Dear Mountain Airedales.

    Hope all is well with you. I have had Airedales for 25 years. My first was 110 pounds, Out od Ouchita kennels via Walter Lingo. He was & is my best friend. Are you still breeding? Are they still $1,000?? Do you ship? What are your terms? I am having trouble finding your web site? Do you have one> If yes, what is it?/ I look forward to hearing back soon. Take care,

  3. Do you have a LARGE, DARK female available? Where are you located and price please….still missing “Baby”, the best of all the Oorang Airedales we ever had. Thanks

  4. Hello Bob: Could you PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where you got your new large breed Airedale puppy?? I was so impressed with the video of him being checked by the vet. My first Airedale was 110 pounds & my BEST friend!!! Looking forward to hearing from you! Take Care!!

  5. looking for pet grade male 7 weeks .have 1- 5 yr old female – inside dog loves other dogs . want a companion . stable household-married 40 yrs . dog lover .

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