San Diego Mountain Airedale Terrier

San Diego Mountain Airedale Terrier


Walking my mountain Airedale in San Diego California. San Diego California is a great place to live it has a climate similar to the French Riviera with an average year-round temperature about 72°. The mountain Airedale is perhaps the world’s best dog breed. So, when you combine San Diego with the mountain Airedale you have an unbelievable experience.

Most of these photos are taken within the city of San Diego near its eastern border with La Mesa. There is a great wide back trail up to the top of Cowles Mountain which happens to be the highest point within the city limits. Most people know the front trail up to Cowles Mountain, but this is just way too crowded and narrow for walking any but the smallest dogs up to the top.

The Barker way trail, on the east side of the mountain is the ideal trail for dog walking. Plus, as most Airedales are very sensitive to heat, I usually time these walks to start about 630 or so when the evening just as this the sun is setting on the western side of the mountain. So, the hike up is basically in the shadow of the mountain and as a bonus, if timed correctly, one can take in a magnificent sunset when they reached the top.

A few of the other photos in the slideshow were taken in mission trails Park at the Mission Gorge and Jackson drive trail entrance. Here a nice trail runs down to the San Diego River, where the water level is usually low enough to cross over without getting wet and continue on up the hill to us unprotected concrete table and benches that affords great views in all directions.

Keep in mind when using any of these trails, you’re required to keep your dog on a leash. This is not only a good idea to keep your dog out of poison oak, but also to prevent an actual run in with numerous rattlesnakes in the area.

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