Singing Dog

Singing Dog

I really don’t get what’s so special about this… Why Belgium judges like stuff that’s really bad or too stupid for a got talent show while there often are really talented people that don’t make it because of a cute kid that ‘dances’ or a dog that ‘sings. But, with that said . . . I do love dogs!

Get in Airedale puppy for 2016!

Airedale Terrier puppiesIf you’re looking for a larger Airedale Terrier a couple of litters are due the first week in December. So, if you act quick, you can have your new puppy around the first week in February 2016!

Pre-orders for these puppies have already started and obviously no one knows exactly how many will be born. So, if you’re interested send me an email at: with your contact information and the city where you’re located and will get back to you.

Singing Dog

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