Smart Airedale Terrier

One Smart Airedale Terrier

This smart Airedal Terrier is bound and determined to keep her treasure. She found it, and she’s keepiin’ it! Airedales are problem solvers, and she figures out how to get it thru her doggie door.

What great dogs! I’m on my fourth Airedale. The thing I really like about this video is that at the end I swear she seems to be contemplating and thinking about how she’s going to solve this problem and then she comes up with a solution by grabbing the Styrofoam by the side instead of in the middle. I mean you can tell that she didn’t accidentally solve the problem but she figure it out in her head how to solve the problem.

Smart Airedale Terrier

Oakley the Mountain Airedale Terrier Smart Airedale Terrier larger Airedal Terrier Oorang Airedale Terrier
Oakley the Mountain Airedale Terrier

So far I’ve owned for Airedale Terriers and I can tell you for sure these are very very smart dogs! sure, everybody knows that the Airedale Terrier is known as the King of the Terrier because of its size,but, I think the crown was awarded not so much for their size but because of their intelligence, extreme loyalty, protective instinct for their human families and their broad versatility.

Mountain Airedale puppy Airedale Terrier puppy, larger Airedale Terrier puppy

Okay, if you’re still reading this I give you another to of my observed opinions about Airedale Terriers: #1. the larger Airedales Terrier also known as a Mountain Airedale Oorang Airedale, is the ideal size dog! #2. the reason people fall in love with the Airedale Terriers I believe has to do with their standard black and tan coloring.  How many of us grew up with teddy bears? well, I think I may be the reason that we like the standard black and tan Airedale Terriers so much. I mean just look at their faces, with their big black button nose and black lips, these have to be some of the cutest dogs ever!

If you’d like to find out more information about the Airedale Terrier, I would suggest visiting Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Smart Airedale Terrier

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  1. My family has had five (5) Wire Fox Terriers and loved each for their personality and style. A little over six years ago we began considering a larger terrier breed, the Airedale. We settled on the Oorang or Mountain strain, found a breeder and got Duke.
    Duke is without doubt the smartest dog I have ever met and our vet often praised him as “one in millions”!
    Now we have Duchess who just turned 10 months. She is proving to be very smart, especially for such a young puppy, very large, as tall as Duke, @28″ at the shoulder and approaching 90lbs.
    Though Duke is very stoic and dignified, he still is puppy enough to play rough and tumble with Duchess and never gets grumpy!
    Airedales are truly the King of Terriers!

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