Airedale Terrier Training

Training your Airedale – Airedale Terrier Training

Does your dog listen to commands outside, off leash, under distraction, in the presence of other dogs? Does your dog pull you down the street to meet an approaching pedestrian? Most dog owners never know the joy of a well trained dog, even though many go through training programs.

Airdales love the bush and being real dogs , I have had them for years , your right about not being over handled , very independent dog , but loyal , bloody naughty though ,,,personally wouldn’t own one in a city as they love being in the mix of stuff , not a excessory to ones hand bag , or brat kids , let them be what they are breed for , in the country on the back of trucks with their owner all day , not doggy daycare bullshit!

Airedale Terrier Training

Mountain Airedales California, Airedale Terrier training training your Airedale
Mountain Airedales California

My two Airedales are so not cuddly at night, they always wants their own space at night. Airedales are like no other dogs. My Airedales are the love of my life and the best buddies I have ever had. I love them!

Personally, I think I did make one mistake with Oakley my male 99 pound mountain Airedale. I waited until he was about seven years old before my wife and I decided to get a second Airedale, Annie. In retrospect, I think I should’ve got both of mighty Airedales when they were puppies so they could have grown up together. Oakley excepted Annie right away and now they are best buds. Because of the big age difference, many times in the backyard Oakley will sit and watch any playing and running around at full speed. They’re both very smart dogs and I think that’s the main reason why they should have a companion growing up.

Mountain Airedales
Oakley and Annie

Oakley and Annie had many characteristics that are similar, but, also because of perhaps their size difference, sex difference and just being individuals, there are just as many different characteristics as there are similar characteristics.

Airedales have a strong personality,and a stubborn streak that runs from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tales.

Oorang Airedale puppies @ 8 months
Oorang Airedale puppies
Exercise, play, games and training helps with Airedale boredom – I could exercise Oakley & Annie for hours but if they don’t have the mental stimulation they’ll still get bored. They really are a fantastic breed!

If you’d like to find out more information about the Airedale Terrier, I would suggest visiting Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


training your Airedale

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