Airedale Puppy Exam

Today we went to the veterinarian for an Airedale Puppy Exam for all nine puppies.

Airedale puppies
Airedale puppies @ Vet

Annie’s six week old puppies went to the veterinarian today for a physical checkup. Although, this is not a requirement, and often not done by breeders of companion dogs, I felt that it would be worthwhile as a little extra insurance that there were no health issues with the pups before they went to their forever homes.

Airedale Puppy Exam

six week old Airedale puppy
six week old Airedale puppy

The biggest problem I had was transporting all nine puppies to the vets. With them weighing between 7 to 8 pounds each, I put them in three different cardboard boxes before putting them in the backseat of the car. When we got to the vets and got them in the exam room I consolidated them into two boxes. I had a big cargo mat in the back of the car and so on the way home we discarded the boxes and put them all on the mat. Luckily, because they had just had breakfast about an hour before going to the vets when we were finished with the exam they were all ready for their nap.

Airedale puppy exam  -  Airedale Puppy Exam
Airedale puppy exam


The good news is that all nine puppies passed with flying colors. Part of the exam included eyes, ears, noses and mouths, as well as their heart rate and rhythm and their lungs. Also there abdomens were checked as well as all joints to ensure that they had a full range of motion without any pain.

Airedale puppy exam
Airedale puppy exam


Airedale physical
Airedale physical

Also, each puppy had a weigh-in. And just from last Sunday when we weighed them, they had all gained additional weight. Below I’ve listed their current weights.

Airedale health exam  -  Airedale Puppy Exam
Airedale health exam


Airedale puppy weights:

2-6-19 Puppies                                  2-10-19                                                 2-15

Tan 4lb 2oz                                         5lb 9oz                                                  6lb 6oz

Purple 4lb 6oz                                    5lb 14oz                                               6lb 9oz

Red 3lb 8oz                                         6lb 2oz                                                  7lb 1oz

Gray 3lb 8oz                                       5lb 15oz                                               6. 9oz

Yellow 4lb 9oz                                   6lb                                                          6lb 7oz

Blue 4lb 11oz                                     6lb 8oz                                                  7lb 5oz

Green 5lb. 6.5oz                               6lb 15oz                                               8lb 3oz

Brown 5lb 9oz                                    6lb 15oz                                               8lb 2oz

Orange 5lb 15oz                                7lb 10oz                                               8lb 7oz


The Airedale Terrier – – – He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. ….To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”

Airedale – once you’ve had one you will never want any other breed of dog.

Our Airedale Terrier Youtube channel.


Airedale Puppy Exam






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