Airedale Puppy Poem

Airedale Puppy Poem by Kelley 

Airedale puppy & Mom
Airedale puppy & Mom  – Barnaby 7wks old & Annie

Today was a big day in Airedale puppy land San Diego. Both people who had first selection of the puppies for the males and the females showed up to select their beautiful Airedale puppies. Once this was done we could go through the list of all the other new owners choices for puppies and match them up. Then we sent out notifications to all telling them which color collar puppy was going to be there new family member.

Airedale Puppy Poem

I received this exceptional poem written by Kelly who is going to be the new mom for Barnaby aka Mr. Blue.  Kelley called her poem “A corny little poem”. Personally, I think it’s great and shows her anticipation and love for her new Airedale pal.


This is going to sound awfully strange…maybe more coincidental…
Right before I got your message about Blue (aka Barnaby), I was writing a poem about him.  (Who spends their lunch hour writing poems?!)
I was having a terrible time with the last stanza.  Rewriting it multiple times, and almost gave up.  And then…I got your message, and was able to finish the poem.
I thought maybe I’d share it with you.  It’s corny and a little silly, but here it is…
Title:  Barnaby

“How long can a wait be”, I asked myself

“To find out who my puppy will be?”

If time was measured by me at this point

I’d guess an eternity!

His name is chosen, his collar made

His bowl and his blanket are done.

And now I am carefully watching email

To find out which puppy’s the one!

Bob and Judi are lovely, their care is so true,

Each puppy has been carefully raised.

And soon it is my turn to bring him home

And love him for all of his days.

And then, oh a message could it really be?

Which puppy is mine for all time?

It’s the blue collared one, now called Barnaby,

Forever and ever mine.


Our Airedale Terrier Youtube channel.





Airedale Puppy Poem

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