Airedale Terrier – Sunshade

Sunshade the Airedale Terrier

Thank you for sharing you heart and your love of Sunshade with us all. It is so heart felt to see the love of a parent! Sunshade loved you as much as you loved her.  Thanks again.. it was so loving caring kind touching.

 Sunshade was as lucky to have as you, as you were to have her! This was a beautiful tribute to your best friend. I  my last Airedale (Tara) was with us almost 17 years .  We all still miss her dearly and she can never be replaced. But, life goes on and as a family we know we are not complete without an Airedale.

Currently, we have two Mountain Airedales, Oakley, now 7  and Annie who is going on 9 months.
Oakley the Mountain Airedale Terrier
Oakley the Mountain Airedale Terrier
Mountain Airedales  - Airedale Terrier
Annie & Oakley Mountain Airedales

If it’s not an Airedale Terrier, it’s just a dog. Cherish your memories, Sunshade was blessed to have you as her mama.


Sunshade the Airedale Terrier

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  1. So sweet. Reminds me very much of my dogs. My Airedale brothers are almost 10. Every day we get together is a gift.

  2. Left me in tears. I have loved 4 Airedales and they are smart, stubborn, loyal, kind, loving, energetic and the best!

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