Happy Airedale Terrier New Year

Happy Airedale Terrier New Year

An Ode to the Airedale Terrier

Happy Airedale Terrier New Year

O, noble beast of wiry coat, whose spirit knows no bound, Your heart, a furnace ever hot, with energy profound.

Happy Airedale Terrier New Year

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Airedale, king of terrier clan, with laughter in your bark, You dance through life, a feathered fan, defying park and dark.

Your eyes, like embers, gleam with wit, a mischief always near, A stick you chase, a frisbee hit, your joy, both loud and clear.

From hill to stream, you bound and leap, a whirlwind on four paws, No hedgerow high, no burrow deep, can hold your fearless claws.

Your loyalty, a constant thread, woven in every stride, A protector, fierce and brave, by master’s side you bide.

With children, playful as a pup, a clown in furry guise, You lick their tears, and share their cup, with mischief in your eyes.

But beneath the playful guise, a soul of steel resides, A hunter’s instinct, keen and wise, in all your being glides.

The scent of rabbit, fox, or mole, awakens ancient chase, You follow where the wild winds roll, leaving doubt in your wake’s embrace.

So raise a glass, to you, my friend, this toast to fur and bone, May laughter, love, and games extend, until life’s journey’s flown.

O, Airedale, spirit ever bright, in your playful, valiant stride, You fill our days with pure delight, our constant furry guide.

Happy Airedale Terrier New Year


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