Mountain Airedale Terrier puppies

Mountain Airedale Terrier puppies

The larger Mountain Airedale Terrier puppy:

Interested in an Airedale puppy? . . . Send us an email with your full name & city location.

“The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do and then whip the other dog.”  Teddy Roosevelt

San Diego Mountain Airedale Terriers - Mountain Airedale Terrier puppies
San Diego Mountain Airedale Terriers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Airedale Terrier, like most Terriers, has been bred to hunt independently. As a result, the dog is very intelligent, independent, strong-minded, stoic, and can sometimes be stubborn. If children and Airedale are both trained correctly, Airedales can be an excellent choice for a family dog. Airedales can do well with cats and other small animals, especially when they are raised with them.

Also, consider checking out this good Airedale Terrier rescue site:

Mountain Airedale Terrier puppies

3 Replies to “Mountain Airedale Terrier puppies”

  1. Hello, We lost our family friend of 14yrs Jan.31,2015.
    We are thinking about another Airedale.
    We live in a Townhouse in Windham,CT.

  2. Hi, I am looking for an Airedale terrier puppy. I have owned Airedales since 1973. I like the larger type and my current female is 100 pounds at 8 years old. I have lived in San Diego since 1952. Phone number .

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