San Diego Mountain Airedales

San Diego Mountain Airedales

Two Mountain Airedales visit local park. Our 10 week old Airedale puppy and our 7 year old male Airedale Terrier.

Called “the king of terriers” by his fans, the Airedale may really be the smartest of the terriers — a quality that will make or break him as a family pet, depending on whether or not his owner minds being occasionally outsmarted by a dog.

Oorang Airedale puppies- San Diego Mountain Airedales
Oorang Airedale puppies

Oorang Airedales are independent, strong-willed, intelligent, loyal and tenacious. They are loving, and like to be in the middle of any activity. The Airedale can be stubborn like many other terrier breeds, so obedience training is a must. Airedale Terriers also have a sense of humor. This breed needs a mix of play along with their training regimen, or you may not get the dog you desire.

Best San Diego shelter: Helen Woodward Animal Shelter


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San Diego Mountain Airedales

4 Replies to “San Diego Mountain Airedales”

  1. I am looking for an oorang Airdale puppy. We have owned 4 Airdales, 3 large and one show size, and prefer the larger ones. It is my favorite breed, but we have not been able to find a large Airdale breeder near us (in Los Angeles)–It has been several years since our last Airdale died. We want to make sure there is no osteosarcoma in the bloodline, as that is how we lost our last one, even though she was the smaller size.

  2. Looking for a boy pup to join our family we have a veterinarian who has worked with our rescues over the years. Unfortunately our seven dogs and cat rescues ((who were older 18 years ago) are down to one who is making the best of it under very good care. Our pets are our lives.
    Thank you,

  3. Thanks for the inquiry. The virus has made the prices for puppies go through the roof for almost all breeds. The larger/Oorang Airedales are the ones that I like the best, but they are much harder to find than the standard size Airedale. A breeder in Colorado had seven Oorang pups, the asking price is $2500 and she sold all within just a few weeks.

    You may wish to consider”
    The AKC ‘Marketplace’ website for upcoming litters. There was a New Mexico breeder with a litter expected in a few month as I recall.
    I would also suggest, that you mark my Airedale blog as one of your favorites
    as well as join our Facebook Airedale group that’s named Airedale terriers of the Southwest


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