Oorang Airedale Puppy @ 8 Weeks Old

Oorang Airedale Puppy

Eight week old Airedale puppy in San Diego California.

Most important thing with Airedales is to give them a LOT of exercise daily, otherwise they could turn extremely annoying and chew things. Also, Airedales can be super stubborn as well, but all worth it, because they are utterly adorable, friendly, and good-willed.

The Airedale Terrier has a huge exercise requirement especially in their first two to three years.

Mountain Airedale Terrier puppy - Airedale Puppy
Mountain Airedale Terrier puppy @8 weeks old

The Airedale Terrier was named for the valley of the Aire in England, the place where the breed most likely originated. The Airedale was developed from similar terriers that are now extinct

Oorang Airedale Puppy

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