Airedale Terriers and Rattlesnakes

Airedale Terriers and Rattlesnakes

I made this video a couple years back when I was still in San Diego. We’re now in Peoria Arizona, and with  the weather warming up, I think it apropos that we pay close to attention went out walking our dogs.

Last year, when out walking my dogs on the trail in Paloma Park, here in the Peoria area of Arizona, we encountered diamondback snakes on a number of occasions. Really, this should be expected, because after all, we are in the Sonoran Desert and this is the home for some pretty good-sized rattlesnakes.

Airedale Terriers and Rattlesnakes

Airedale Terriers and Rattlesnakes

It’s been my experience when encountering rattlesnakes out on the trail, that just like we don’t want to have anything to do with them, they don’t want to have anything to do with us. I don’t believe that there’s going to be a rattlesnake that is ever going to chase any dog or person.

But let’s face it, almost all dogs are extremely curious and this combined with the fact that the snakes blend in so well with the terrain, we must be more vigilant on our dog walks during snakes season.  Most trails are wide enough that you can just walk around the snake and if that’s not the case, you should just turn back.  Keep in mind, that when a rattlesnake is coiled, it said that they can strike out a distance of about half their length.

dog rattlesnake safety

Rattlesnakes are not attacking dogs or people they’re just trying to protect themselves in their own environment. Just make sure to give them plenty of room and you should have no problem.

On more than one occasion, I’ve seen dog owners on the Paloma Trail, taking their dogs off leash and letting them run ahead down the trail. To me, this is like  putting your best friend in harm’s way!  I’m sure no one does this on purpose, it’s just that a lot of times, people are not thinking.

San Diego California rattlesnake
San Diego California rattlesnake

If your dog is bit by a rattlesnake they will be in for a very painful experience, and one that they may not survive!  Also, you will be in for some very costly veterinary bills.

Keep yourself and your dogs safe in snake areas.


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