California Airedale Terrier Puppies

California Airedale Terrier Puppies at six weeks old

This video shows three of our six male Airedale Terrier puppies at six weeks old. These puppies were born in our house, and this is the first time that they’ve been outside. I’m pretty sure it was the new outside environment that had a dramatic affect on all these puppies. It seems like they are different puppies compared to having them on the inside. Outside, the puppy seems very subdued and cautious compared to their inside boisterous activity levels.

Today, is the six week old birthday for these puppies. Yesterday, they had their first of three vaccinations and up to now they were born and have been raised in our living room.

This is the first time they seen the outside world and naturally are extremely curious.

California Airedale Terrier Puppies


male Airedale Terrier puppy - California Airedale Terrier Puppies
male Airedale Terrier puppy

At the end of this week, all nine Airedale puppies will be going to the veterinarian for a physical exam. Then, in about two more weeks, when there are eight weeks old they’ll all be going to new forever homes.

I didn’t want to put the puppies outside until today, because I wanted to wait till they at least had their first of their three vaccinations.

We have now reached a point where we’re feeding the puppies twice a day, six in the morning and then about 6 PM in the evening. We do also give them some dry puppy food between their two main meals.

California Airedale Terrier Puppy

As the puppies have been growing quite fast, last week we expanded their holding pen, to twice its size. And now that they’ve had their first vaccination, will be taking them out, weather permitting, on a daily basis.

male Airedale puppy - California Airedale Terrier Puppies
male Airedale puppy – Mr. Orange

For comparison, if you’d like to see what these puppies looked like, just moments after birth, here is a link to that video: Airedale Terrier puppy birthing

The Airedale Terrier – – – He is swift, formidable, graceful, big of brain, an ideal chum and guard. ….To his master he is an adoring pal. To marauders he is a destructive lightning bolt.”

Airedale – once you’ve had one you will never want any other breed of dog.

Our Airedale Terrier Youtube channel.








California Airedale Terrier Puppies

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