Mountain Airedale Puppy – Oorang Airedale Puppy @ 7 Weeks

Airedale Terrier Puppy having it’s first meal away from Mom.  This seven week old Airedale puppy is a Oorang Mountain Airedale.

The Oorang Airedale is the largest of the breed. They are known as mountain Airedales! These Airedales are located in San Diego California.

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Mountain Airedale Terriers

2 Replies to “Mountain Airedale Puppy – Oorang Airedale Puppy @ 7 Weeks”

  1. The puppies turned 8 weeks old yesterday! There is ONLY one more available, a male puppy.
    Some history….Since 1987 Kiela H. has owned and bred Airedale Terriers as a hobby. This is the 6th generation of Airedales bred by her. Skittles’ puppies have been raised together this time inside in the living room area and receive frequent interaction. They have exceptionally calm temperaments which will facilitate an easy transition to your home. It is hard to ignore these cuties; they are all adorable and will love your attention.
    Updated: 12/29/10
    Since the pups should be ready to go to their new pet parents homes at Christmas time we named them after the “Twas the Night before Christmas” reindeer: Dasher(boy-SOLD), Dancer (boy-SOLD), Prancer (girl-SOLD) and Vixen (girl-SOLD), Cupid (girl-SOLD), Donner “Donnie” (boy-AVAILABLE) and Blitzen (boy-SOLD)!

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