Southern California Airedale Terriers

Oakley and Annie

Are Southern California Airedale Terriers

This video shows our two larger mountain Airedale Terriers here in San Diego California.

Airdales love the outdoors and I have had them for years, so can honestly say that they are very independent dogs, very loyal, occasionally naughty, and fiercely protective.

Southern California Airedale Terriers

We’re very lucky not only to live in San Diego but to be very close to Mission Trails Regional Park. This is the largest Regional Park West of the Mississippi and it’s a great place to take the dogs for a walk. The San Diego River runs through Mission Trails Regional Park, it’s really not much of a river except during the winter months. Actually, through most of the year there is no or very little water in the river and makes it very easy just to walk across and hike up into the northern end of the park.

Airedales in general and especially the larger Mountain Airedales need and enjoy a lot of exercise. I personally try to take our two Airedale Terriers out on a walk or hike at least five days a week . . . Actually most weeks it ends up being seven days of dog outings.

The Mission Trails Regional Park is approximately 5700 acres and so provides an ending exploration for you and your Airedales. So far in the park, we’ve seen small mule deers, coyotes, lots of rattlesnakes and even a few wacky looking people!

San Diego Mountain Airedales
San Diego Mountain Airedales

Lake Murray is part of the Mission Trails Regional Park and also the reservoir system for San Diego California. There is a concrete walking trail all the way around the Lake which is great for walking our Airedales.

*My big Mountain Airedale, Oakley, has only had two litters in the last 10 years. so, needless to say I don’t have any puppies available at the moment, but, I do work with the professional Airedale breeder who can usually deliver puppies to people here in Southern California. Now, let’s understand that a purebred AKC Mountain Airedale puppy is not inexpensive, actually, they usually go for between $1,100 and $1,500.  If you’re interested in adding an Airedale puppy to your family in the future, send me an email with your phone number and location city and state to: SEO711@GMAIL.COM

San Diego Airedale Terrier
San Diego Airedale Terrier – Oakley

If you would like additional information about the Airedale Terrier breed, I would suggest that you visit the Wikipedia page on Airedale Terriers … Here is the link:


Southern California Airedale Terriers

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