Airedale Terriers at the park

San Diego California Airedale Terriers at the park

San Diego California Airedale Terriers.

Most people don’t realize is that the Airedale Terrier really doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic. They are absolutely amazing dogs.

The Airedale Terrier is loyal, but can be stubborn. Airedale Terriers are active, intelligent and playful. They bark infrequently. Airedale Terriers are courageous, but can behave mischievously. 

Airedale Terrier puppy
Airedale Terrier puppy at 8 weeks old

The Airedale Terrier is patient with children and tolerant of other household animals. It may try to dominate other dogs if not trained properly. Airedale Terriers are fearless and alert at all times, but not aggressive. They are responsive, outgoing, and confident. The Airedale also has a very high tolerance for pain, making it difficult to tell if they are injured or sick

Airedale Terriers at the park

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